400 Unit Add-On Award

Kit Pack joined in the Army's support of troops in Iraq when they became the fourth supplier of the Modification Kit for the Light Weight Weapons Station. This modification kit is designed to facilitate improved defense capabilities on vehicles such as the Army's 5-ton truck. This kit includes 66 components, 25 hardware pieces and 41 machined parts. Meeting customer requirements is better facilitated by upgrades to Kit Pack's production area.

Kit Pack's initial contract award of 159 kits was increased to 559 with the add-on of an additional 400 units to this, the first phase of a multi-year contract.

An additional 400 unit order has been placed bringing the total to 959 units produced for this contract.

Pieces waiting to be painted.
Parts to be painted.

Final Touch Up of pieces
Final touchup prior to shipment.

Assembled pieces atop a hummer in use.
Assembled in use atop hummer, engaged in Iraqi firefight.