Kit Pack Production Facility Upgrade

Kit Pack offers its customer's a flexible, multi-faceted production resource. Production stations, designed to be modular and self contained, stand ready to support individual customer requirements.

The newly renovated production facility offers fully functional product assembly areas, a 5700 cubic foot paint booth (CARC certified) and both MIG and TIG weld stations.

While production usage of Kit Pack's facilities can vary from station to station, generally they are postured towards a 40% to 65% realization (single shift) with the capacity for an additional (2) shifts. Weld areas offer a seasoned weld professional (both Aluminum and Steel) with multiple weld stations. True to ISO standards, each station has published work instructions with integrated Quality Inspection points.

Kit Pack champions Lean Manufacturing and consistently strives to deliver to customers the best value for their dollar, bar none.

Paint Booth
The ventilated paint booth.

Welding area
Welding area.

Action shot of the paint booth.
Paint booth in use.