KP11906 Shipped Early and You Did It!

Packaging on Kit 57K3531 was completed on Saturday, July 23, 2005 which enabled 3,822 units to be shipped Monday, July 25, 2005, nearly a month ahead of the August 21st due date!


Metrics indicate all departments, Contract Administration, Data, Purchasing, QC, Material Control and Packaging exceeded their goals to meet the challenge of expediting delivery of this already short, 180 day contract.


Volunteers from virtually all Kit Pack departments pitched in to assemble over 3,000 internal cartons for KP11906. Product was then packaged 64 kits per external carton and then palletized. Six cartons per pallet for a total shipment of 10 pallets with a total weight of 7,800 lbs.

Goals exceeded:

Contract Administration's Contract distribution goal was exceeded by three days.
Data collection and distribution was accomplished in one day, exceeding the departmental goal by three days!
Purchasing exceeded their goal by 15 days.
QC exceeded their goal because parts received one day were QC'd the next!
Packaging exceeded their goal by 2 days.

Thanks to everyone for a great job serving our customer!

-Doug Bailey, President